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Who should read this story of hope?

If you are the young child of an alcoholic,

the adult child of an alcoholic,

the parent of an alcoholic,

the step, foster or adoptive parent of an alcoholic,

the grandparent of an alcoholic,

the spouse or partner of an alcoholic,

the sibling of an alcoholic,

another relative of an alcoholic,

the friend of an alcoholic,

the therapist, counselor, coach or sponsor of an alcoholic,

and/or an alcoholic,

then this story of hope is for you.

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Mom's Choice Awards®
 Gold Medal
In Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime, a preteen girl struggles with mixed feelings over her parents’ divorce, brought on by her father’s drinking, hitting and abandonment of his family. Sent to a therapist, she is determined not to let anyone – especially a “freaky” counselor – know how she really feels. Over time, Alex comes to trust the therapist and begins to accept how her world has changed. With determination and an amazing spirit, she learns how to move on in her own, unique way.

And from Claudia Black...

“I have just finished reading the book, and love it. It is such a gift to the world..... 

For so many years my children's book My Dad..... has been one of the only pieces out there... and a couple others now for kids if a parent goes to treatment....

This is really an asset and so needed.......I will be sure to tell others

about it.”

This review just in!!!

    “Ms. Desannoy does an incredible job of getting into the mind of this young girl and exploring her issues dealing with insecurities, divorce, alcoholism, parents, etc.

    ...the real star of this short novel is Alexandra herself. I strongly recommend Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime for every child.”

Book review by Dr. Carol Gandolfo in The Therapist Magazine

March/April 2012